Civil War Veterans


"Yet the war and all that the war contained--nobility, villainy, immeasurable sorrow--is certain to live on even after the last old soldier has gone to his grave." - Rick Atkinson, The Guns at Last Light


Confederate States (Confederacy)

Gann, James E., Third Tennessee Provisional Army also known as Vaughn’s 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, Company K. Died at Vicksburg on 14 April 1863 of smallpox.

Senter, Andrew B., Co. I, 51st VA, enlisted on 28 June 1861. Died on 15 October 1861. No cause or place noted.

Senter, Calvin H., Grayson County Virginia Militia, later joined with the 63rd Virginia Infantry. Later Capt., Co. I, 51st VA. Was at Appomattox for the surrender.

Senter, Drewry Emsley, Co. I, 51st VA, Enlisted.

Senter, Levi B., Grayson County Virginia Militia.

Senter, William N., Co. B, 5th NC Sr. Reserves.


United States (Union)

Schmuck, Casper Private. Enrolled 24 October 1862, Company K 171st Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia; discharged 6 August 1863; served in Washington and North Carolina.