Vimy Ridge Day

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Vimy Ridge Day:

“Today, we remember the bravery and sacrifices of the Canadian soldiers who fought for peace, freedom, and justice in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

“In the early morning of April 9, 1917, following months of careful preparation, Canadian soldiers stormed German-occupied Vimy Ridge in northern France. After four intense days of fierce combat, our troops pushed the Germans back, capturing the ridge. Canada’s success at Vimy Ridge marked one of the First World War’s most memorable victories, but victory came at a heavy cost. More than 7,000 courageous Canadian soldiers were injured, and almost 3,600 never returned home.

“The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a landmark moment in Canada’s history. It was the first time that all four divisions of the Canadian Corps, representing diverse regions of our country, fought side by side – united. These extraordinary soldiers helped forge our Canadian identity. Their bravery continues to inspire us. Today, the Canadian National Vimy Memorial stands as a tribute to this remarkable battle and to all those who served in the First World War. On its side, etched in stone, are the names of Canadians who paid the ultimate price in France during the conflict and have no known grave.

“On Vimy Ridge Day, we honour the Canadian soldiers who answered the call of duty. We also take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all the brave Canadians in uniform who serve to defend peace, freedom, and democracy – at home and around the world.

“Lest we forget.”

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